how to write final year project in Detail

final year project

final year project The very first thing you need to know is that what really is a final year project.The final year project is to be submitted in the end of the year.It consists of nine to ten thousand words and includes all the analysis and working if your project.It depends …

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How to get Google Assistant on android devices


About google assistant Google assistant let’s you find any thing you need can translate about 100 languages all over from one to another.It let’s you save all the time you need to save and do any kind of task upon just sending voice or text command to it.You can ask …

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How to get buddy system on Pokemon go?

pokemon go

About the game Pokemon go Pokemon go is a truly popular diversion and it has numerous clients worldwide.It was begun from the TV arrangement and now to our handheld gadgets so everybody convey their group and characters around any place they need go and get a fun world to share. …

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how to tackle with steam ban (VAC)


What is steam? Steam is a online community and gaming engine that provides multiple users to interact online while playing paid and free games.Every personnel has it’s own account and they can access it any where around the world while having a internet connection.It is developed by the valve …

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How to set up a vpn and access blocked sites


vpn (virtual private network) is a remote gateway to a website or page.we use this application for accessing different blocked content or country restricted uses your computer as a first device but the accessed page as a third one.the application gives you a pathway from your PC to another …

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How to earn money online at home

earn money online

How to earn money online Earn money online now a days is not a big problem for can have different environments to enjoy and work at the same just need a internet connection a PC. All around the year different freelance companies post different projects so every one …

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Black friday sales and how to track them

black friday

Black Friday Black Friday sales is the day following the thanks giving and the fourth week of November. It is the biggest sale of the year on which different discounts on various products are set.It includes all the products from electronics to kitchen ware,mobile phones to consoles everything you can imagine of …

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5 Best Tips For Designers To Kick Start On Fiverr

Fiverr Kick Start Guide

About the platform: Fiverr is the most active and easy to learn Freelance website. Currently all over the world mentors Rank Fiverr “THE NUMBER 1 FREELANCE WEBSITE”. New to fiverr? No problem Read the whole article before you ask ” How To Get Buyers”. Fiverr is like a community Market Place …

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Budget phones you can get under 200$

budget phones

200? no problem we have got the best budget phones for you Budget phones now a days are very easy to find but but the real problem starts which one to choose.From a really big market in today’s world we find many small bigger lighter heavier cased phones.All companies compete …

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How to get snapchat points for free

snapchat points

Snapchat points and their working What really snap chat is: You have listened much of the this app and snapchat points.It very popular now a days,Every one you see from the kids to adults is busy uploading their snaps and videos through snap chat and making their stories viral and …

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